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Known as “The Magic City,” Birmingham is Alabama’s most populous city and one of its most important in terms of business and education. One of the largest banking centers in the nation, Birmingham is also recognized as the cultural and entertainment capital of the state. Whether you are attending the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival or have you and your pets taking part in the annual Do Dah Day Parade, there is plenty to do in “B’ham.” However, just like any city, there are also people who have a cheating spouse or families needing to find a missing person. Should you need help with these or other situations, it’s time to put a private investigator to work for you.

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Unbeknownst to many clients who have never used the services of a Birmingham private investigator, today’s PI uses a variety of high-tech equipment when conducting surveillance. Along with state-of-the-art photography equipment that can get high-resolution pictures proving infidelity or stealing, you can also expect a PI to use the latest GPS tracking devices. By attaching these to a person’s car, they can then be tracked in real-time by an investigator, which often leads to investigations being completed much faster than anticipated.

Cheating Spouse Investigation

When you think your spouse is cheating, it can make you mad but also very sad. As a result, your emotions will often guide your thinking, which is a mistake. By hiring an experienced private investigator, your mind can be put at ease. Along with using the latest surveillance techniques to get answers to your most pressing questions, any information uncovered will be strictly confidential and for your eyes only. Knowing these investigations can be very sensitive in nature, we adhere to the highest of professional and ethical standards.

Missing Person Investigation

When a friend or family member goes missing, police will take down information and file a report. However, unless the person is deemed to be in immediate danger, chances are police will do little to help you find the person. However, a PI can work exclusively on your case by interviewing friends, follow various leads, and other steps necessary to find out what happened.

Rather than sit back and wonder if your spouse is indeed cheating or hope police have enough time to find a person who is missing, hire an experienced Birmingham private investigator to handle the case. To get started and gain peace of mind, contact us today.


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